We are interested to know what you think you will get out of your riding. We know that for each person it’s something different, something personal to them. So if you are a beginner or seasoned participant you will be looking for something that works for you.

At the Toyota SuperCycling Club, we appreciate that riding a bike means different things to different people, and so we offer various options across both Road and MTB for our weekend out-rides that accommodates the needs of cyclists across various skill and fitness levels. These rides are marshaled by experienced group leaders who understand how to get the best out of everyone and keep everyone present and engaged.

We are also about the social part of cycling. So a cold one or a great tasting cappuccino after a good session on the bike means that for our members it’s more than just about the ride.

We have listed the quantifiable benefits below, but as we know for each one of our members it’s more than this it’s something personal to each one of them. An improved time, a stint at the front, a successful bunny-hop, the joy of a cool morning pedal. For you we hope it will be the joy of riding and the rest we know will follow.

Riding will change your life.


  • Weekly Marshalled Club rides with experience group leaders from Cycle Lab
  • Dedicated branded support vehicle offering road side assistance and support
  • Our famous Toyota SuperCycling Club hospitality at major cycling events around the country
  • Beginner clinics every Saturday morning at Cycle Lab Megastore Fourways
  • A monthly Ride Magazine - print or electronic
  • 5% discount on all in-store purchases excluding items on SALE or Promotion
  • Joy
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The Toyota SuperCycling Club is about a community of like-minded cycling enthusiasts that strive to create positive relationships amongst cyclists of all ages and from all walks of life. We welcome beginners and seasoned competitors alike and our love for road riding and mountain biking is only equal to the joy and freedom riding brings. We simply love riding bikes and enjoying the beautiful vistas that our wonderful country offers and we want to share the spirit of freedom and the joy of heart that riding a bike brings each time we set off on a new adventure. We know that you will enjoy the enthusiasm our members bring to each out-ride and the laughs and shared experiences over a coffee after an outing or at our famous hospitality after an event. We want you to know how we feel about riding a bike, and we love it. We also want you to get as much enjoyment out of your riding as possible, no matter where you are, and with this in mind we hope you will consider one of our clubs. Currently we have Five National Club venues, within Johannesburg (Fourways, Little Falls and Boksburg), Durban, and Cape Town, where club members can meet for club rides and other socials. At Cycle L...

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Check this out some real beats to keep you going on your indoor trainer when you just not getting that gap to be out there on the road crushing those pedals or shredding the trails.

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We specialise in keeping you on the move so that you multiply your fitness in a fun and enjoyable way. Check out our club rides for options in your area.

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